NYCC reopens fan verification

Hey NYCC fan,

We wanted to let you know we'll be reopening Fan Verification on Tuesday, June 13 at 12:00 PM ET so anyone who missed out can purchase the last of the tickets after the presale and general on-sale earlier this year.

As someone who Fan Verified during the timeframe it was open, this is your last chance to purchase tickets before we reopen Fan Verification to the general public.

Now you may be thinking "What's the rush? Will I not be able to purchase once Fan Verification is reopened?" Our answer for you, noble NYCC fan who Fan Verified when you were supposed to, is that of course you can still purchase tickets once it's reopened. But here's the kicker, once we reopen to the public the chances of getting your desired ticket type will decrease with every new fan who signs up.

So buy now and don't wait. And let your friends who missed out earlier know to mark their calendars for the reopening on June 13.